Xperior provide a range of expert services to support you in developing and executing your service strategy with complete flexibility.



Aiming to assess the customer experience across all client touch points​ and provide expert recommendation for improvement, the training and advisory service provides a series of comprehensive audits and outcome-focused training sessions.


  • Expert Insight: Gain expert insight from our customer experience professionals, leveraging years of experience in the luxury hotel and commercial property industry.
  • Individually Tailored: Every training session is individually tailored to address service deficiencies observed during site audits and fundamental service elements.
  • Outcome Focused: Our team begins with the desired service outcomes in mind and builds all training programs to reach these objectives.
  • Unbiased Evaluation: Audits are conducted using discrete mystery shopping techniques to ensure evaluations offer a true representation of the client experience.


Designed to build a sense of community amongst building tenants through shared experiences and values, the Community Engagement Program hosts a number of seasonal events throughout the year including Melbourne Cup celebrations, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and ANZAC Day.


  • Effective: The Community Engagement Program is designed to enhance a tenant’s experience within their building by bringing them together for regular seasonal events.
  • Experienced: Our events team bring 15 years of experience in brand activations and building events.
  • Customisable: With 3 tiers of event packages you can tailor your engagement events to meet desired outcomes and budgets.
  • Unique: Every event is personalised to compliment your asset’s market positioning and desired outcomes.


Our internationally trained virtual concierge provides your tenants with world class service available conveniently via phone and email.


  • Highly Personalised: Our virtual concierge team use the latest customer relationship management systems to provide a highly personalised experience.
  • Internationally Trained: Trained in the world’s leading luxury hotels to deliver truly world class service.
  • User Support: Providing additional live support to tenant portal users.
  • Convenient: Conveniently available via email and phone throughout business hours.


Our professional photography team is able to provide you with bespoke branding and asset collateral through a range of exquisite images and video. Following a short briefing session, you will have full creative control over your personal branding and message.


  • Onboarding: Use your photography to on-board new staff and tenants to make a great first impression.
  • Leasing Tool: Showcase the best your building has to offer in a professional and premium way.
  • Promote: Provide a value add service to your retailers by showcasing their offering to the community.
  • Convenient: Position your building amongst the most innovative in the industry.


We understand the difficulties faced when updating a website and leverage our extensive experience in commercial property and web development to deliver a website that is right for you. From ideation through to ongoing hosting and maintenance, our digital development and design team is able to cater to a number of requests to ensure that your online platform is sleek in design and flawless in functionality to create a timeless user experience.


  • Experienced: Our team provides unmatched experience in software development for the commercial property industry.
  • Customer Focused: The end user experience is at the core of development efforts to ensure an intuitive and seamless user experience.
  • Modernise: Our team of specialist UX designers ensure a modern and timeless end user experience.
  • Best Practice: All development is undertaken with the aim to exceed industry best practice.


Looking after a range of content from building news and updates to wrapping up the latest building activation and generating bespoke hyper-local content for your property or portfolio, our experienced content team can provide a voice for your building.


  • Get your message accross: Our experienced content team will ensure your message is delivered to the right people, at the right time, to ensure maximum impact.
  • Take the pressure off: Allow our team to take care of content generation and distribution so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Tailored to you: With a content specialist dedicated to you and understanding your needs we will ensure all communications tell your story as intended.
  • Omni-Channel: Our management of content distribution ensures a holistic approach to getting your message across.


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