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Your Digital Placemakers

The workplace of the future seamlessly connects services and amenities for tenants. Highly engaged tenants that feel a strong sense of personal connection to their workplace can increase levels of productivity, efficiency and retention.

The Xperior platform is a digital representation of your building. We future-proof your asset by connecting people, places and services through one experience. We give your tenants and management full access.

One central platform, multiple solutions.

A single point of access for all building services, no matter how many you have.

Having services scattered across multiple touchpoints is difficult for your tenants. We take all building services and combine them with our own network of integrations, storing them all in one place.

A sophisticated booking platform to amplify events, catering, facilities and more.

We place a wide range of services and facilities directly into the hands of your tenants. With one account they can book a meeting room, yoga class, catering or transport, all before they get to the office.

Get to know your tenants better with live analytics and data insights.

Data drives performance and understanding. We provide an unobtrusive experience for your tenants, giving you a greater understanding of your building community and how to keep them engaged and happy.

Dynamic content that enhances the user experience and builds a sense of community.

Engage your tenants with a building branded experience that invites them to interact with your management staff. Broadcast building news and announcements, spotlight events and share exclusive offers to activate your community.

A flexible and collaborative building management toolkit at your fingertips.

We run everything on autopilot, but when you want to step in and take control, we make it effortless. Manage your tenant lists, assign roles to individual users and send out building comms to hundreds of tenants at a time.

Servicing your every need

We run an open platform, connecting your building community with the best service partners in market.

Our partner network connects your tenants to everything on offer, including advanced ordering, car parking, end-of-trip facilities and wellness programs.


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We work with leading property groups in Australia and NZ.

“Xperior have assisted us with our digital strategy across our office portfolio. They have provided us with an integrated tenant engagement tool, allowing us to effectively engage with our customers. We now have a central place for tenants to stay up to date with building comms and activities, as well as access exclusive services.”— Melanie Hopgood-Bould, GPT


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